Letting users find the best recycling services in their area for used coffee pods.

The client

Podback teamed up with the biggest names in coffee pod systems (Nespresso, Nescafé Dolce Gusto and Tassimo), to create the first service of its kind in the UK. Their aim was to make recycling coffee pods as easy as making a coffee.

Our mission

In 2021, we used our technical knowledge to help the teams at Podback and BIG DB build a system that enabled early users to order and receive a recycling kit.

We’ve been working with Podback ever since, helping to build Podback's web application and infrastructure to support users nationwide, as more local authorities and coffee brands joined the recycling scheme.

The challenge

Each local authority collects and handles waste differently. This combined with the different materials, shapes of machine and coffee pod brands in the world, made it an ambitious brief. We needed to come up with a data model and design a reliable digital infrastructure that would let Podback attract, appeal and grow as each local authority and coffee brand joined the scheme. We also needed to keep the user journey as simple as possible – people won’t recycle if it’s too complicated.

Our approach

We spent time brainstorming and finding the similarities between local authorities and machine/pod brands to design the initial data model. Step-by-step collaboration is our favourite way to deliver software, allowing us to work with the client in stages to build a solid and scalable infrastructure.

Our Solution

We created a decision engine based on the user’s machine, coffee pods and postcode. It worked by taking into account a combination of different brands and different local authorities to create the perfect solution to the user.

We made the experience feel personal. Users can manage their account, update their details and order additional recycling bags and kit, or switch to a different recycling scheme (if available).

Project deliverables

  • Technical requirement discovery
  • Cloud and infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Web application development
  • API development
  • Custom authentication implementation
  • Seamless integration with Podback's e-commerce fulfilment service provider
  • Custom admin dashboard implementation
  • Security and monitoring
  • Support and maintenance

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